Hi, My Name Is Rosario Annunziata

Rosario Annunziata is an artist, she works with painting and drawing. Informal Italian abstract painting: oil, acrylic and mixed media on canvas and paper         

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Art informel is a French term describing a swathe of approaches to abstract painting in the 1940s and 1950s which had in common an improvisatory methodology and highly gestural technique.



A Few Words about Me

I Paint My Own Reality

Rosario Annuziata was born in Scafati (Salerno) on January 8, 1983. He attended D’Argenio’s courses at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples and debut in 2007 at the Salon International de Jeunes Artistes , promoted by the Groupment d’Artistes et d’Ecrivians (Egypt).
He graduated in painting and photography in 2011.

After a period of reflection in which he devoted himself to teaching art in public schools, he became interested in abstractionism: he reached linguistic autonomy and experimented with pure matter by following informal poetics.


Emotions Through Painting

The canvas can no longer contain the force of a painting that wants to break free, escape from its predefined boundaries and transcend the limitations of its two-dimensional nature. Painting has courage; it does not hide behind a thin layer of colour and often turns into three-dimensional matter, challenging the ancient canons of visual art.

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Milano / ITA

Pittura Gallerie

Tuscania (Viterbo) / Italia – 2020

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