How My Passion Began

Italian artist Rosario Annunziata, b. 1983 works with various size paintings in which he explores line, color, matter, rhythm and feeling, taking everything to a whole new level.


The main role in Annunziata’s works is played by energy and matter, with everything else positioned around them. The physicality of the process and the way he paints can be seen in his fast-paced Instagram videos, as he goes from canvas to canvas, painting with both spray, roller, awls, iron brushes and brush simultaneously.

My Formation

• 1997 Diploma in Arte della Grafica Pubbl. e della Fotografia, I.S.A., San Gennaro V.no (NA) – Italia.
• 2003 Diploma Accademico in Pittura, Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli – Italia. 

• 2010 Diploma Accademico Specialistico in Fotografia, Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli – Italia.

• 2015 Docente abilitato all’insegnamento di Disegno e Storia dell’Arte, Accademia di Belle Arti, Napoli – Italia.

• 2016 Vincitore Concorso Docenti  – Italia.

Distinctive Style

The deliberate, time-consuming painting process, applying and removing paint in turn, seeks to create the illusion of a rapid, uncomplicated artwork that combines ferocity and beauty. The quick splashes and lines trace out a precisely considered colour composition. The three-dimensional surface is made of paint that has been squeezed out, spread with a spatula, or daubed onto the canvas using a piece of wood, but no brush. The playful process of letting go generates stratified line paintings where surface and materiality occupy an important position.


Emotions Through Painting

2020 Premio Nazionale Giovanni Bovio (3° Classificato)
2010 Concorso Nazionale ‘O tubbazzo, Saviano (NA) (2° Classificato)
2007 XXVII Biennale Nazionale di Pittura, Soliera (Mo),
(Diploma D’Onore e Menzione Speciale)
2007 Premio Agazzi, Centro scolastico, Mapello (BG)

Rosario Annunziata
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